Monday, April 1, 2013

Sign Up for the Rite Aid Wellness+ Program

I've spent massive amounts on Rx drug costs the last few years. At around $220 a month out of pocket for Balsalazide, it's a little hard to swallow. If you spend alot every year at the pharmacy, I can recommend Rite Aid. Sign up for their wellness+ program and you'll reach a point where they give you a $10 credit for spending in the store with each prescription, and get 20% off so it makes things seem like grocery store prices.

I bought over $10 worth of toiletries the other day and I just had to pay a small amount in taxes. There is an upside to paying through the nose for prescription drugs! If you use another pharmacy check to see if their program is as good as Rite-Aid. I am with Express Scripts so Walgreens was out. After signing up make sure you tell the employee ringing you up that you are in the program, sometimes they forget to ask.

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